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Tue May 21 2024  |  News

Fredrik Edström joins Livi as Managing Director in France

Wed Apr 24 2024  |  News

Kry ranks as one of the world's most innovative digital health companies

Tue Apr 16 2024  |  News

Improved results for Kry in the first quarter of 2024

Wed Feb 14 2024  |  News

Livi announces two-year extension to Vitality partnership

Tue Jan 30 2024  |  News

Kry integrates with national database for medications and prescriptions

Thu Jan 18 2024  |  News

All-in-one primary care solution launches in the UK to boost GP practice resilience

Mon Dec 11 2023  |  News

New partnership with leading French insurtech provider, SideCare

Mon Oct 23 2023  |  News

Rising demand for digital healthcare sees Kry deliver record growth in France

Tue Oct 03 2023  |  News

Kry tackles severe allergies with new service

Thu Sep 21 2023  |  News

Obesity care and the promise of digital health

Fri Jun 30 2023  |  News

2022 Sustainability Report

Mon Jun 05 2023  |  News

AI in healthcare: the data debate

Wed May 03 2023  |  News

Kry launches digital care pathways to support millions of people across Europe with chronic respiratory conditions

Wed Apr 05 2023  |  News

New “Medical Minds” campaign from Livi highlights the importance of GP mental wellbeing

Mon Feb 27 2023  |  News

Rising demand for digital healthcare sees Kry deliver record patient appointments across Europe

Mon Jan 30 2023  |  News

How digital healthcare can support complex and elderly patient populations

Tue Dec 13 2022  |  News

Kry focuses on strategic partnerships with senior appointment

Wed Aug 24 2022  |  News

Whitepaper: Closing the gender health gap

Thu Jul 21 2022  |  News

Kry completes fundraising of $160m+ to support better healthcare for millions more patients

Fri Jul 01 2022  |  News

Report: How to ensure a smooth transition to enhanced access with Livi UK

Mon May 23 2022  |  News

Building a smart mental health ecosystem

Mon May 16 2022  |  News

Investing in our core: better care for more patients

Wed May 04 2022  |  News

New European legislation is the step change we need

Tue Mar 01 2022  |  News

Kry named one of Europe’s fastest-growing companies by the Financial Times

Tue Feb 08 2022  |  News

Kry focused on leading digital health evolution in 2022

Fri Dec 10 2021  |  News

Study finds Kry delivers accessible care without leading to overuse

Tue Nov 02 2021  |  Kry

Kry scales-up mental health provisioning across Europe with new digital offer

Fri Aug 27 2021  |  Kry

Kry acquires PBM to boost mental health offering

Tue Jun 15 2021  |  News

Livi UK becomes first digital healthcare provider rated Outstanding by CQC

Mon Jul 05 2021  |  News

Livi partners with Elsan to improve patient access to healthcare

Mon Jul 12 2021  |  News

Kry announces record year-on-year growth as digital healthcare booms

Mon Apr 26 2021  |  News

Kry secures $300m investment to accelerate European expansion plans