Kry tackles severe allergies with new service

New digital first pathway will step change treatment and provide long term relief for patients living with severe allergies

By Kry Team

Tue Oct 03 2023   •   2 min read

We have launched a first-of-its-kind integrated ‘digi-physical’ care pathway to improve care management for patients living with debilitating and long term, severe allergic rhinitis. 

Under the new allergy pathway, patients will receive targeted hyper-sensitisation treatment making it possible to live symptom free for up to 20 years. 

The program, which is both curative and preventive, will provide patients with both self-help advice and flexible access to care appointments, tests, diagnosis and treatment, thereby reducing hospital admissions and rising costs associated with allergies. 

In Sweden alone direct costs for managing allergies are estimated at over 1.3bnEUR per annum through lost workplace productivity and absences. The new service will aim to deliver convenience for patients and reduce rising costs. It will be launched first in Stockholm Sweden, with plans to scale across Europe.

Lukas Didon, VP of Commercial and Partnerships at Kry said: “Kry has already proven that digital technology can play a critical role in helping patients access high-quality care. Our goal is to help more patients living with severe allergies and get the specialist treatment they need sooner. Our new program builds tolerance to whatever the patient is allergic to, instead of just treating the symptoms. The method itself has existed for a long time, but no one has previously done it on a large scale and within a digi-physical health environment as we are doing now.”

The hyper-sensitisation treatment is effective and designed to treat the root cause of the allergy by rebalancing the immune system and providing long lasting improvement of allergy symptoms for severe cases. 

Patients can access the program via the dedicated symptom form on the Kry mobile or web app. From here patients will find relevant content and allergy information, as well as book video consultations with a Kry healthcare professional. If a patient is deemed to have a severe allergy they will be referred to one of Kry’s physical health centers in the Stockholm region for a full assessment before being approved to receive the treatment. As part of the seamless ‘digi-physical’ healthcare journey, patients will receive follow-up and continuous care to ensure patient needs are met. 

Lukas continues: “As an allergy sufferer I know only too well the impact on day to day life, health and wellbeing. Currently a quarter of people in Sweden suffer from moderate to severe allergic rhinitis and it takes too long for specialist diagnosis and treatment. I am very excited that we can now offer patients a convenient and innovative approach to specialist allergy treatment that improves long term health and wellbeing.”

It currently takes at least 7-10 years for a patient to be diagnosed as having an ‘extreme’ or ‘severe’ allergy. By 2025, it is predicted that half of the entire EU population will be affected by an allergy (EAACI, 2016). Allergies are the most common chronic disease in Europe with up to 20% of patients living with a severe debilitating form of their condition. 

In spring this year, pollen levels exploded across Europe as warm weather caused plants to pollinate much earlier. As the planet warms, coupled with changes to lifestyles, diet and even skincare regimen, researchers say that the allergy seasons will continue to start much earlier and last longer. If left untreated, allergies can lead to chronic asthma and respiratory illness. 

Kry will be looking to scale similar allergy programs throughout Sweden and across its other markets, including France and the UK in 2024. In the UK alone, direct NHS costs for managing allergic problems are estimated at over one billion UK pounds per annum.  

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