Kry focuses on strategic partnerships with senior appointment

Kry has appointed Lukas Didon as Commercial & Partnerships Vice President.

By Kry Team

Tue Dec 13 2022   •   1 min read

As part of Kry’s strategic growth plan, the company will focus on its efforts to address critical gaps and inefficiencies in patient care for some of the most prevalent chronic diseases and conditions. 

Lukas brings more than 20 years’ professional and international experience in driving strategic growth, M&A and business transformation in healthcare. He has worked as a management consultant for companies such as Deloitte, and holds a PhD in medicine from the Karolinska Institute. Lukas has successfully led teams and initiatives across the healthcare value chain, including payers, providers, pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) and pharmacies, and has advised on some of the world’s largest and most transformational healthcare ventures. 

Lukas comments: “Our combination of high quality digital and physical healthcare provision, combined with technology and scale across multiple major markets, uniquely positions us to address systemic healthcare problems via novel and effective end-to-end patient centric pathways. Through our strategic partnerships, we want to keep patients healthier for longer and reduce costly unnecessary healthcare visits.”

Kry’s digital-first patient journeys will be a game changer for those living with chronic diseases and other serious conditions through accelerated diagnosis, improved and tailored treatment pathways, along with patient wellbeing support.

The company's strategic partners include several world leading life sciences organizations that have teamed up to tackle obesity and respiratory diseases, among others. Kry Livi also collaborates with leading insurers and healthcare payers and providers to reduce the overall care burden and improve population health through more efficient and sustainable healthcare services.  

With more than 3,000 clinicians employed by Kry, over 6,000 using its platforms and tools, and having delivered over 7 million patient appointments, Kry’s mission is to deliver better care for all.


Kry Team

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