Rising demand for digital healthcare sees Kry deliver record growth in France

France is now our largest market for digital care as we help more patients who live in medical deserts with our digi-physical presence and care services

By Kry Team

Mon Oct 23 2023   •   2 min read

France has for the first time outgrown Sweden and Norway combined in terms of  monthly digital volume (+55%) as more patients choose us as their care provider. 

France’s healthcare system is, like many across Europe, under pressure with a growing GP administrative burden, an ageing healthcare workforce and at least 8mn patients living in areas that are without access to a doctor – known as ‘medical deserts’. Since we entered the market under the brand name Livi in 2018, there has been a significant increase in the use of teleconsultations across France especially for those living in the medical deserts. 

Johannes Schildt, CEO and founder of Kry said: “This is a massive achievement for us and we are incredibly proud to care for so many French patients. Personally, I feel that this truly demonstrates that Kry is making a difference in European healthcare. Over half of our healthcare meetings take place where there is no access to healthcare personnel, so we are making an incredibly important contribution to society. France has been and continues to be a pioneer in delivering digital healthcare.” 

In France, 500+ clinicians work in the digital service and Livi also operates physical healthcare units in Paris and outside of the capital. 43% of our patients are coming from medical deserts and 22% of its patients would have gone to A&E if they did not have a digital meeting with one of the company’s clinicians.

Until now, whilst the majority of our services have been in primary care, we are broadening our offer into services such as mental health, women’s health and chronic disease, along with specialist and acute care to further increase access and keep patients out of hospital. 

In France and across the Nordics, we've successfully scaled our clinician workforce and healthcare services including psychiatry, psychology, dermatology, paediatrics and gynaecology. We've also introduced and expanded several care partnerships across B2I and pharmacy companies, as we continuesto integrate digi-physical with primary and secondary care. In France, latest figures show +75% YoY financial growth, proving that digital first, scalable and cost efficient healthcare can be delivered for patients, partners and payers. 

Kalle Conneryd Lundgren, Chief Operating Officer at Kry comments: “Over the past 18 months, we have worked hard to achieve profitability faster than planned, and these measures have now had an impact throughout the company. The Nordics have been profitable since the end of last year, and in September, France had a positive bottom line for the first time, while we are taking care of many more patients. However, our goal is not to be the fastest to profit but to be Europe's most significant healthcare company with proven efficiency and scalability, delivered at a lower cost to healthcare systems. There is enormous potential and healthcare demand continues to grow in France and across our core markets, with ageing populations and increased chronic disease prevalence, so we’re focused on helping patients receive the right care at the right time." 

In Sweden, we've also been named as Sweden's most popular healthcare app, in the latest report from the Internet Foundation- "Swedes and the Internet 2023". The national poll looked into the use of healthcare apps for digital video appointments.  The company surpassed others including the national medical advice service to be named the most used healthcare app for digital doctor visits with one out of twenty in Sweden having consulted with a doctor through Kry's healthcare app in the past year. A quarter of Swedish households have so far signed up for Kry’ s digital services. 


Kry Team

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