Obesity care and the promise of digital health

In this latest whitepaper, our Kry Livi medical experts have come together to explore a range of topics including patient engagement, personalization and data use for healthcare systems to adopt more preventative and proactive measures for obesity using technology.

By Kry Team

Thu Sep 21 2023   •   1 min read

Obesity is caused by multiple factors that differ from person to person.

For care providers, designing effective interventions has just as many challenges. From capacity and cost to access and engagement.

Successful programmes not only remove the many barriers individuals face, they deliver greater personalization that drives adherence and ultimately, weight loss.

This requires a holistic approach and digital tools have been shown to deliver results.

Looking at clinical evidence, our new white paper examines how health providers can:

  • Overcome stigma and barriers to treatment

  • Increase access to obesity care and pathways

  • Drive long-lasting behaviour change

  • Support significant reductions in BMI

  • Release capacity and reduce costs

Take a read today.


Kry Team

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