Investing in our core: better care for more patients

A statement by Johannes Schildt, CEO

By Kry Team

Mon May 16 2022   •   2 min read

Seven years ago we set out with a simple vision: great healthcare for everyone. Since then, together, we’ve improved care for millions of people. But healthcare remains fragmented and patients still don’t get the care they deserve. 

To solve this, we’ve got to stay true to this vision. And help more patients receive better care, faster. 

It is for this reason that we have taken the decision to reset what we’re doing with our organizational structure. This has become ever more important as we navigate a volatile global financial market. We need to show that we’re investing in the right things, in the right order. 

We need to respond to the market dynamics and we have to be conservative with our capital, and prove this to investors, partners and patients. That means making sure we have the right organizational structure. And we’ve taken the difficult decision that will lead to some people having to leave us from certain areas of the business. We will continue to hire healthcare professionals, but we will reduce the rest of the workforce by roughly 10%.

As the co-founder and CEO, this has not been a decision I’ve taken lightly. I’ve worked closely with leaders across the company to understand the roles we need to prioritize to deliver on our plan. 

Kry remains in a very strong position. The fundamentals of our business are strong. There is rising demand from patients, payers and health care professionals. Whilst we’re reducing in some areas, we’re growing and evolving in others. We’re actively recruiting health care professionals, we’re shipping products, we’re continuing to treat thousands of patients every day. Ultimately, we’re re-investing in our core: better care for more patients. 

In the short term, this means doubling down on delivering an even better patient and healthcare professional experience, and driving patients to use our existing products in our existing markets. It means focussing on finding more healthcare professionals to meet growing demand and refining our technology. The next phase is about focussing all we do to connect more patients to better care. The vision for the future is clearer than ever- and accessible and affordable healthcare has never been more important. And that’s the urgent opportunity and mandate we have in our hands.

Johannes Schildt



Kry Team

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