Kry acquires PBM to boost mental health offering

Digital healthcare company Kry has acquired behavioural psychology company PBM in a move which will enable it to scale its offering of mental health treatment.

By Kry Team

Fri Aug 27 2021   •   1 min read

Through the acquisition, Kry will now be able to treat more patients with mental health symptoms through technology-based psychology services including internet-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (ICBT) as well as seeing patients physically in PBM’s clinics across Sweden (Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Östergötland and Gävle).

Mental health conditions have risen over the last year throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, with children and young people experiencing the most rapid increase. In the past year, Kry has experienced rising demand for mental health services as virtual meetings with its psychologists have increased by as much as 130% compared with the previous year.

Initially PBM will remain a separate company as Kry and PBM begin their work together by investing in combining research and clinical expertise with innovation and technology to broaden their offer to reach and treat even more patients with mental health issues.

Eric Hjelmstedt, country manager for Sweden at Kry, said: “This is an exciting time for us as a business as we broaden our offering around mental health. Kry’s vision is to deliver high quality care for as many patients as possible, and this includes both physical and mental health. Through this acquisition, we will be able to scale delivery of behavioural psychology and create new methods to meet patient needs”.

Christian Walén, CEO of PBM, added: “Kry has expertise in using digital tools and technology to deliver high-quality healthcare and we look forward to working with them to broaden the work around mental health treatment. With the help of research and innovation, we will be working together to change how behavioural psychology benefits people, groups, business and society as a whole.”


Kry Team

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