Kry integrates with national database for medications and prescriptions

Working with Sweden’s E-Health agency, Kry is the first healthcare provider in the country to gain full access to the national database. This will enable Kry’s healthcare professionals to see a patient’s prescription and medication history and marks the first step towards a national database for improving patient care.

By Kry Team

Tue Jan 30 2024   •   2 min read

In Sweden, we have integrated our system with the new services from the E-health Agency. Through this integration, we will now be able to access information about a patient's prescribed and dispensed medications directly within our platform. The National Medication List marks the initial phase of a national digital infrastructure.

Kry is the first healthcare provider to gain access to real-time information about a patient's prescribed and dispensed medications through the National Medication List. In this first phase, Kry's authorised healthcare professionals can read directly from the National Medication List. In the next step, employees will also be able to input and amend information in the system.

Peter Alvinsson, Head of Department at the E-health Agency, said: “This is a milestone in the implementation of the National Medication List and for the E-health Agency. We collaborate with both regions and private healthcare providers, as well as pharmacy entities, to support the connection and implementation of the National Medication List. We offer both technical and operational support.”

Olof Söderbaum, Vice President Product and Marketing, Kry: We’re incredibly proud to be the first healthcare provider to be approved. We’ve invested a significant amount of time and resources in becoming connected, and we hope to inspire other healthcare providers, both private and public, to follow suit so that we all have a shared understanding of patients' prescribed medications. 

“We have worked closely with The Association of Private Care Providers on this, and this is a clear signal that we, as private healthcare provider, want to take responsibility and be at the forefront of innovation. The National Medication List will enhance patient safety and simplify the daily tasks of our healthcare personnel, so now it's time for everyone else to follow suit.” 

About the National Medication List

The National Medication List is a nationwide information source that provides healthcare, pharmacies, and patients themselves access to the same information about a patient's prescribed and dispensed medications and other goods.

The goal is for the National Medication List to be an obvious and shared information source in a patient's medication treatment, leading to increased patient safety. All healthcare and pharmacy entities should be fully connected to the National Medication List by 1st December 2025.


Kry Team

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