Report: How to ensure a smooth transition to enhanced access with Livi UK

Livi looks at some of the ways primary care networks in the UK can prepare for enhanced access

By Kry Team

Fri Jul 01 2022   •   7 min read

Across all our core markets we're focused on helping more patients get access to care by helping partners navigate different funding models. The transfer of enhanced access to primary care networks (PCNs) poses a number of challenges for the UK healthcare system.

How should services be designed? What will the clinical workforce look like? And what is the optimal operational and IT infrastructure to support delivery?

In the UK, the Livi report looks at some of the ways healthcare organisations can ensure a smooth transition from CCGs (Clinical Commissioning Groups) to PCNs, both pre- and post-transfer of services and covers:

  • How commissioners and PCNs can adapt between now and October

  • Potential models for enhanced access

  • Next steps and Enhanced Access Plans

Along the way we look at how GP federations and PCNs are currently delivering forms of extended access, and the digital solutions to support primary care at scale.



Kry Team

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