Rising demand for digital healthcare sees Kry deliver record patient appointments across Europe

This winter has seen peak demand, with January 2023 representing Kry’s largest ever monthly volume of patient appointments at 320,000. In the UK, the company has surpassed 1 million appointments whilst France has also seen increased demand, representing 119% year on year growth.

By Kry Team

Mon Feb 27 2023   •   3 min read

Digital healthcare provider Kry has achieved its highest ever monthly appointment volume with 320,000 digital and physical GP appointments delivered in January 2023 across Europe.

These latest figures reflect the rising demand for more accessible and digital-first primary healthcare, whilst European health systems struggle with increasing pressure on primary care services. Kry offers services in Sweden, Norway, France and the UK, helping patients connect more easily with healthcare professionals.

This winter’s high circulation of RSV, Covid and influenza has put unprecedented strain on healthcare services. Recent stats show that in England, almost a quarter (23%) of adults who needed to see a GP in the past month reported not being able to get an appointment. France has similar challenges, with a growing GP administrative burden, an ageing healthcare workforce and at least 8mn patients living in areas that are without access to a doctor – known as ‘medical deserts’.

Juliet Bauer, Kry’s Chief Growth Officer, said: “This winter has been exceptionally challenging for Europe’s healthcare systems. Digital services can add capacity where it’s needed most, supporting healthcare professionals to see patients quickly and securely and reducing pressure during a time when the system and budgets are constrained. Whilst maintaining efficient access to primary care remains a priority, we’re extending our services to several areas of chronic disease care, ensuring patients can stay healthy and well in the long term.

"Having just experienced one of our most challenging winters yet, it’s imperative Europe starts planning now to ensure we have effective measures in place to manage patient demand peaks and troughs across the year. Digital can and should play a central role.”

With NHS waiting lists reaching an all time high, Kry (known as Livi in the UK and France) remains committed to supporting NHS partners as capacity challenges in primary care continue. January 2023 has seen 90% year on growth from last year.  Through Livi’s platform and digital tools, the healthcare provider is able to help 85% of patients to see a doctor within two hours.

In France, Livi has seen triple digit growth (119%) in appointments since last year with 43% of its digital consultations taking place in ‘medical deserts’. Through its doctors and healthcare professionals, Livi is helping to avoid unnecessary hospitalisations for at least a quarter (22%) of its patients saying they would otherwise have gone to an urgent care setting. 

In Kry’s largest market, Sweden, the healthcare provider takes pressure off the public healthcare sector and complements the system by working as a trusted partner. As the third largest primary caregiver in Sweden and serving almost 30% of patients who seek digital care, Kry is in a unique position to reduce healthcare delivery costs by increasing efficiency. 

In Norway, Kry continues to boost patient access to healthcare services with patients getting a digital or physical appointment within 30 minutes as the country also faces its own national GP crisis. 

While until now the majority of its services have been in primary care, Kry is broadening its offer into secondary services such as mental health, women’s health and chronic disease to increase preventative care and keep patients out of hospital. Alongside its core digital app offering, the healthcare provider also has a total of 34 physical clinics across Sweden, France and Norway, where patients can see nurses and physiotherapists, as well as doctors.  

Dr Kalle Conneryd-Lundgren, Kry’s Chief Operating Officer, said: “Demand for healthcare isn’t going away: digital can and should play an ever increasing role in connecting the dots, ensuring all patients receive the right care at the right time. With an ageing population and prevalent chronic disease, it’s imperative we look to digital’s full capabilities to make a more resilient healthcare system for the future”.


Kry Team

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