Our belief

Patients and their needs should always come first. For us, digital healthcare is personal; it has the power to enable patients to make better choices about their own and their family’s health, wellbeing and quality of life.

Our ambition is to be the first port of call when patients need us and remain a trusted guide as they move through their healthcare journey. To achieve this, we’ll deliver innovative, patient-first healthcare services and experiences for everyone who comes in contact with us.

Our vision

Video consultations are just the start. We’re working hard to create the digital healthcare experiences of tomorrow. What does this mean in practice

A seamless interface between the way patients experience physical care and digital care. As a result, we can radically improve healthcare outcomes, care management efficiencies and economies of scale for entire care systems as a whole.

The future is bright

Our mission is to help patients live healthier, for longer. That’s why we’re creating a patient and digital-first healthcare ecosystem.

  • Imagine a world where every healthcare experience is seamless. A blend of digital, physical and automated interactions between patients and clinicians, prioritising the best possible next action for both the patient and clinician.
  • Patients feel empowered to navigate through healthcare systems because they have access to the best information, tools and services. Their entire medical record sits within their hands, and our proactive guidance allows them to take better care of themselves.
  • Clinicians, specialists and healthcare providers operate across one platform. Their manual administrative tasks are automated and their work is made easier with digital tools. They’re able to put the patient’s needs first in everything they do.
  • Building a digital healthcare backbone will fundamentally transform care delivery. This continuity of care matches demand and supply, and ultimately gives everyone greater access to the highest quality care.

When we founded Kry in 2015, we recognized the enormous potential technology had to transform the way patients access healthcare. Our ambition now is to expand into improving access to healthcare for millions more within Europe.

Johannes Schildt CEO and Co-founder