Our people

We believe that by working together we’ll achieve greater things

Creating amazing services and products requires amazing people. Our teams include a diverse set of voices and talent, and we offer a flexible, inclusive and forward-thinking way of working. We believe this is the only route to reimagining healthcare for good.

What does it take to join Kry?

  • Have the courage to change things

    We have high ambitions and genuine goals. We don’t just talk about changing things. We identify the opportunities, put the plans in place and take action, even if it leads us outside of our comfort zone – which is when the best things happen.

  • Think patient first

    We put our patients first and work tirelessly to make their lives easier. We also acknowledge that everyone is a patient at some point in their lives. That’s why we value compassion and integrity when it comes to looking out for each other.

  • Resilience is a super power

    We believe that taking risks and dealing with setbacks are necessary to drive change. Failure is the only way to reveal the learnings and keep doing better. We ask, we listen hard and we reflect with genuine intention.

  • Include everyone

    Being part of a team where you feel safe and comfortable to be yourself means that everyone wins. We’re in this together and we build diverse teams so we can learn from each other and better serve our patients.

We’re an extraordinary team

Meet our people to find out what motivates us when reimagining the future of healthcare

Asra Abdul Hadi

Head of Marketing Tech

Hanna Nilsson Andrén

Head of Security & Compliance

World-class healthcare professionals

Meet our nurses, GPs and psychologists to find out what it means to work in the digital healthcare world

Henrik Sahlin


Carl-Axel Johansson

General Practitioner (GP)

Lie Åslund

Psychologist and Doctoral Student

Careers at Kry

We believe it’s not where you work that matters, but the impact you make.
We also believe that more flexibility helps to accelerate diversity and inclusion.

Our leadership team

Our company is led by a team of innovators and changemakers, with a genuine passion for driving accessibility to safe, high-quality healthcare for all.

Johannes Schildt

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

Kalle Conneryd-Lundgren

Chief Operations Officer

Juliet Bauer

Chief Growth & Marketing Officer

Peder Stahle

Chief Product Officer

Johan Ryrberg

Chief Financial Officer

Erik Hjelmstedt

General Manager, Nordics